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Market Research of UAE

BSGP Co., LTD Taiwan Investment Visiting

and Market Research Introduction


Expecting to Visiting Departments and Purpose as below



National Departments

Interviews and

Research Topics


Health Care Industry

Investment research

1.       Health Care System

2.       Hospitals Investment Projects Visiting


Education System Research


3.          Education Policy Systems

4.          High Education Delivery Visiting


Investment Department

or Investment Agency

5.          Investment Preferential Policy

6.          Investment Projects Visiting



About BSGP Business Investment Research Co., TLD Taiwan

Internet content provider ICP, website www.bsgp.com.tw

Blue Sky is a private business investment research company,

Register in Taiwan the Identity 16619958


We providing online intelligence services for

1.  Businesses Invest Projects,

2.  Business Research Reports

3.  Market Research Reports

4.  Social Research Reports

BSGP Taiwan Company Feature

Our Investment groups are inducing 50websites and 50 newsletters and 50 forums

Websites English Mapwww.cindyinvestment.com/cindyinvestment_english/Websites_Map.htm 

With the full line of investment expert knowledge, especially scope on Health Care Industry and Biotech Industry and Internet Services business research.

Exclusive OSNS invented a special organism strategy navigator system www.strategynavigators.com


Internet Content Services

Our Business Strategic Intelligence Center providing market research reports and business investment reports and social research and training tutorials,


For Business Investment Intelligence the website at www.cindyreports.com

For Health Care Investment Intelligence the website at www.hcsii.com 


OSNDI Planning an online Organism Strategy Navigator Development Institute www.osndi.com

OHDRI Planning an online Organism Health Care Strategic Development Research Institute http://www.bsgp.com.tw/ohdri/ohdri_english/


Company Visiting

BSGP company providing market research and business report by pay download.

The local research is both sides free of charge interview visiting.




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